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November 5, 2012

Two years (and some change) ago I moved to England. Originally form Romania, I’ve always coveted moving over. To this day, I don’t know what it is that’s drawn me here: the beautiful architecture, the history, the people (whom I was to discover are way friendlier and warmer than what I had thought them to be)?

I think all it took was my – still a tourist – accidentally walking out of the Westminster tube station right under Big Ben. (It’s not so big as I thought it would be) Glancing upon the beautifully intricate architecture, the amazing gilded details, I suddenly had a Wow! moment as big as life. You see I’d only seen Big Ben and its tower in photo reproductions in English study books that had been my friends for years before moving here. Or the odd English film that would make it through the abundance of Doomsday/Cowboy/Police chase American movies omnipresent on the small screens back home. Never did I expect to be so close to this. (Well okay it’s behind a tall fence with lots of security around but still closer than I ever thought it would.)

After that it was the beautiful works in the National Art Gallery, the funny alternative explanations to the extinction of dinosaurs in the Science museum or the leaves and the smell of grass in Hyde park. I fell in love with London. So here I am today – in Manchester…

I digress.

About a year ago I was still working from home. I had been doing this on and off for some years and didn’t see any reason to change a routine that seemed to work for so long. Being a socially awkward person, my recluse status was working fine. To top that my commute to work was a mere 30 seconds.

Soon I started to realise that all I’d seen all day was but some pristine white walls and the screen of my mac. I began feeling I was missing out on the abundance of inspiration resources that were indeed this time around much closer than Big Ben. The beautiful Victorian arches or the glimmering Beetham tower on a frosty morning, the quirky hand lettered pub signs or the smell of wood burning from the stoves of the boats on the canals, were just odd encounters on the rare occasions I’d leave the flat.

I wasn’t happy.

I began looking for a studio space, and after twisting my friend Mark‘s arm into joining me into this endeavour we finally found a place that was the right distance from both of us and had enough going about it too keep us coming.

A few months in, all I can say I’d never contemplate going back to working from my flat again. Getting the studio has been an amazing boost for my creativity. Finally I am able to separate work and life while pursuing other interests and hobbies I’ve been putting off for ages.

I launched this very website to focus only on my illustration, I took up painting (again) and started buying pens by the boat load.

On top of that I am lucky enough to be next door to some of the finest creative minds in Manchester (Dave, Nick, Rob, Mike & Simon). Being able to talk to people for a change is nice, you know?

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