Hello, my name is Emil Paun. I am a UK illustrator, drawing everyday life, with a little levity.

I am currently available for new commissions, please get in touch.

Selected work:

Picture of friends playing chess at a small table in front of a window. An older gentleman is about to move a piece which will result in checkmate. His friend, a robot looks rather worried. There’s an inscription on the robot’s chest reading “Chess 2000 Master”
Spaceport scene. It’s early mornings. An older generation robot is being distracted from his conversation with a human by a another female brand nee robot walking towards the gate.  A giant spaceship is landing in the background while a few onlookers contemplate the view. A robot takes a picture on its mobile device while another one is running towards the gate, possibly late.
Bright summer day. Young couple having a conversation while leaning against the hood of a an electric car. The car is parked on the grass in front of a modern home. The house has a modern, futuristic shape. There are a couple of mid century furniture armchairs and a large canvas in one of the rooms. Through the glazing you can see the back garden featuring planting and a rock wall.