Techno Optimism / Retro futurism


A series of illustrations inspired by my love of old school science fiction and the hope the future doesn’t have to be too bleak.

Picture of friends playing chess at a small table in front of a window. An older gentleman is about to move a piece which will result in checkmate. His friend, a robot looks rather worried. There’s an inscription on the robot’s chest reading “Chess 2000 Master”
Bright summer day. Young couple having a conversation while leaning against the hood of a an electric car. The car is parked on the grass in front of a modern home. The house has a modern, futuristic shape. There are a couple of mid century furniture armchairs and a large canvas in one of the rooms. Through the glazing you can see the back garden featuring planting and a rock wall.
Spaceport scene. It’s early mornings. An older generation robot is being distracted from his conversation with a human by a another female brand nee robot walking towards the gate.  A giant spaceship is landing in the background while a few onlookers contemplate the view. A robot takes a picture on its mobile device while another one is running towards the gate, possibly late.