New Website?

It doesn’t look so different I hear you say. And you’re right. Not that the one it replaces was a masterpiece. But for a while the no frills, basic HTML and no CMS has worked well for me.

So what’s changed? Well for one, I wanted to have a place for ramblings and musings, much like this one. And that is in part due to Musk’s slowly turning Twitter into an unbearable place. I had no idea I can dislike another billionaire as much as I did Zuckerberg. And yes, one shouldn’t be so quick to judge especially people they have never met. And no, it’s not like you should dislike people you have met. But I can’t help it. I have a short temper. It’s me, Elon. Not you. I promise. You’ll find someone else better than me, you’ll see. And no, I am not leaving Twitter. Yet. But other people are. To mastodon (meh), to their own lives (yay! them), to other places I haven’t yet discovered.

So Twitter is getting deserted, Instagram is still impossible to use, although I find myself opening it more often recently, and – shudder – have you seen the state of Linked in?

And I tried The Dots, Ello, Mastodon (meh), the one they had to take down for a couple of weeks to fix some issues and never sprung back from that. But why go to another platform? Why not use what’s available to most creatives out there, namely our own websites.

It’s about time we started taking ownership of our content again. It’s coming home like. And I am now biting my lip very hard (well my fingers because I am typing this, obviously not actually saying anything) to stop me from going on another diatribe about how much I dislike football. (Sorry in-laws and half of the planet).

Anyway what was I saying typing? Yes. Ownership. Back. Far be it from me to start a revolution, because well I don’t need to explain it to you, do I? And other people have started their own micro-revolutions before me. I am seeing and subscribing to an increasing number of newsletters popping about. (See below). And I am thoroughly enjoying the various pencil booths, substacks and mailchimps popping into my inbox recently. It’s good to save them for a moment when I actually have the time to read them. At my own pace. No rush or pressure to be the first to like and subscribe and leave a comment below.

So here we are. Now the only question I have is how to promote this. Oh yes, I know! (opens Twitter). Please don’t judge…


Some of the newsletters I subscribe to: Taaryn, Chrissy, Jennifer, Paul, Guy, Luis, Owen