On the subject of AI…

This is a slightly darker post than my recent Techno Optimism drawings.

And it is prompted (geddit?) by the recent rise of AI. In particular when it comes to creating art. It’s more of a rant, blurted out as the pressure within keeps growing.

Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely excited at the thought of being able to witness such amazing technology within my lifetime. This is the stuff I could only imagine as a kid, avidly devouring Asimov, Le Guin, K. Dick, Herbert and the like from my Dad’s collection. I mean, we could eradicate cancer, put an end to famine, stop global warming, reduce our dependency on fossil fuel, and even maybe travel to the stars!

But no, human greed and short term gain have sucked all the wind out of this sail. Instead we get AI to draw bad pictures and replace tens of thousands of people earning pennies so a handful can profit. I wonder when no one can earn a living, who will be able to consume, consume, consume?

My only hope is that we’ll soon get bored by the ubiquitous blandness AI can spout, and the mediocrity at best of prompt artists shall once again be replaced by a renaissance of true humanity before the machines take over.

As a father myself now, it’s the only hope…