R. Kikuo Johnson – Domestika course

It’s rare that an instagram ad gets me excited, even more so if it’s one promoting the bi-monthly Domestika sale. (Seriously how does that even work, does anyone ever pay full price when there’s constantly a “sale” going on?)

But when that ad was about R. Kikuo Johnson’s new course “Visual Storytelling for Compelling Illustrations” , I dropped my Wacom pen (not literally, I am not crazy) and immediately bought it.

I won’t drag this much longer before I say you should too, and don’t necessarily wait for a sale. (Although there is one on right now)

While it’s labeled as a beginner course, it’s definitely good for more experienced illustrators. As well as covering broader subjects a colour theory, research, composition, sketching and showing drawing technique (in real time none of that timelapse stuff), the main focus is how to tell a story in a single image.

I found about R. Kikuo Johnson through his New Yorker covers and spent many hours poring over the details always wondering “how does he do that?” This course explain exactly how. Clearly, concisely and pleasantly.

So go on, treat yourself.